Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tutorials and such (this is supposed to be funny but I have a screw loose)

I'm not really blogging for anyone but me. I don't always know why. Today I was thinking, well I did those soother bottles differently than other people did. So I thought I would do a tutorial. I already did it so you get no pictures of them in process.

First, find someone who drinks Boost on a regular basis, or start to do so yourself. I am fortunate that my mom has weight issues. Meaning, she's so thin at 93 pounds she has to drink nutritional supplements. Of course, I would never wish that on anyone, since people continually tell her to eat more, which would be a nice problem for about a minute. Her latest response has been, "Why is it okay to tell me I'm too thin but it isn't okay for me to tell you you're too fat?" or "Why is it okay for you to tell me to eat more but it isn't okay for me to tell you you should eat less?" And she has a point, too. That reminds me of my mother in law, who was also a Skinny Minnie like my mom, who insisted that I could certainly wear a certain size 8 jacket... and when I tried to put my size 16 self into it when she wouldn't drop the issue, of course I couldn't even fit into the sleeves... and she said, "I had no idea you were so fat".

Anyway. Now that you have a few Boost bottles, get some glycerin, dish soap, mineral oil, baby oil, or whatever the recipe you found on Pinterest calls for. Put whatever you want into the bottle, add some glitter, and glue the lid on. Hand it to a baby and see if they like it. Be prepared to clean up if you didn't get the lid on tight or you handed it to a strong two year old.

Hopefully if you are reading this, you understand that I am the one who WATCHES tutorials, and not one who MAKES them. And I hope you don't gain too much weight drinking the Boost. Get the diabetic kind if you have to drink it yourself. Just don't get Glucerna, which works great for diabetics like my hubby, but their bottles aren't clear, which would not make a soother bottle soothing because you couldn't see it.

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