Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Giant Granny

Trying to figure out just how big to make this. I love watching it get bigger. So far, it is about 40 inches square. I googled and found lots of pictures of other giant grannies-- all different sizes. I seem to always want to see what is the "right size" and guess what there isn't one.

I guess I have to figure out what it is for.

Here's a site I am going to explore some more...

I like the edging she put on her giant granny. I hadn't thought about an edging.

When I started this, it was going to be a rainbow. Then as I got going on it, I changed my mind. I had a bit of the blue-purple variegated (Red Heart yarn) left over from my daughter's afghan  and so I decided to go that direction.

Now. I've used up all the scrap yarn except small balls. Now what to do. Buy more yarn to make it bigger and use it as a coverlet for my bed, or leave it at this size and donate it somewhere? I really like it. But I'm trying to use up the Old so I can do New. I'm leaning toward buying more; Red Heart is not expensive and it wouldn't cost me more than $10 I think. One more navy, one more purple... then it could be diagonally on my bed over the blue bedspread I already have. I like changing the look of my bed often. That's going to be more of a guest room, so it will be pretty without being too "girly". Can't believe I actually have PURPLE in my bedroom. When I was little, I hated pink and purple. But this isn't THAT kind of purple. LOL and it goes well with my purple and blue plaid sheets.

Decisions, decisions....

I love her never-ending granny... and here's a tutorial: spiral granny
I didn't use a tutorial, I just kept going around and around. Nothing to think about and you only have to count to three. Great for working on while visiting with my mom.

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