Monday, July 21, 2014

Yarny stuff

All done. I ended it with a shell stitch border. I like it. Originally I was going to donate this somewhere but I love the colors so right now it is on my bed. :) I can't seem to take its pictures so the colors are not somewhere near true... yes I have a better camera. Somewhere. Being a casual blogger not worried about What Anyone Thinks, oh well. I can look at it and know what color it is. LOL

Next up. I've been going through my stash. Yesterday I saw that my Old Faithful yarn is being discontinued. Lately it's been rough textured anyway and Lorna gave me some Caron Simply Soft and it is just that, simply soft! Mom has been making a blanket with it and it is lovely. She also gave me some sparkly stuff but only one skein each-- and they have that in the store now, so if I want to make something bigger than one skein worth, I can. I saw Lorna has a pattern I want to try... well lots of them, but this one especially caught my eye. Short Row Shawlette I'm thinking that would look cute in that sparkly stuff. I am not endorsing the seller; never bought from them, LOL it's just the first clear picture I found. I think the pattern is simple enough for even me but I'll start it at my mom's or maybe I should have lunch with Lorna soon. 

I have always been a Simpleton where knitting and crocheting is concerned; patterns intimidate me. Dive in, right? Maybe my relatives will even get some yarny gifts. Don't hold your breath. LOL

AND.... drum roll. I finished a UFO I had forgotten about. All I had to do is weave in ends, LOL but hey it counts....
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