Saturday, July 12, 2014


I don't even remember when I started this. Now it's halfway done. I did a similar one for my daughter awhile ago, and have been attempting to use up my yarn stash--which isn't very big, just three drawers and a suitcase--but trying to Organize, and found this and I had forgotten all about it. One big granny square, I don't have to even think about anything. Just YO and pull through. No pattern, just 3 DC in each space and 6 DC in the corners. Easy peasy.

So in between holding my adorable new grandson and doing whatever I'm doing around here, I am trying to finish it.

The rest of the UFO's? A diagonally knitted afghan, which probably won't get finished this summer, it is just to hot to knit. Even crochet is a stretch, but the granny square isn't as hot as that knitted one.

The last UFO I am counting as ONE project although it's really two. I have one finished sock and two finished sock tops. I decided to do them together so I wouldn't forget what I was doing between socks.  So technically, it's two pairs of socks to finish. But I put them all in the same bag so it's only ONE, right? Sigh.

I can't think of any other yarn UFO's but I might find one in That Dresser that I need to finish cleaning out. Don't even ask about the UFO quilts. Not today.

Oh yeah. I just remembered. There's one more good-sized bag of yarn in there *blush* it will be years until I use it all up. And I just shared a bunch with my mom. LOL

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