Monday, May 18, 2015


There's something about always wanting to create something, that kind of trips me up. Where am I putting all this stuff? I only have so much wall space, and some of that is taken up by my kids' art work too. I can't possibly put up every quilt and wall hanging, or wear every scarf or hat or gloves... and mostly it doesn't feel like it's good enough to give as gifts... do I donate it? Or just give it to Goodwill? Or give it as a gift and don't worry about "how good it is"?

And it isn't only craft projects. How many scrapbooks can you do?? I love to make cards, but how many do I actually send? I end up collecting paints, stamps, papers, fabric, etc. but how much do I really use it?

Tonight I was going through the jewelry I rarely wear, trying to figure out why I should keep it. But I Like It, I say. So I took a cup holder thing and hung it on the wall, made an old fashioned earring holder, and there you go. May add lace to the earring holder.  Can't believe how much jewelry I have, although none of it is expensive stuff. Now, I may be more likely to wear some of this, since it is displayed on the wall... and if I don't, at least I can admire it. I don't usually wear those dangly ones, but those turquoise ones came with some other studs that I really liked. I don't see those studs... they are around somewhere, probably on my messy dresser.  I've never worn some of these, and some I used to wear a lot, like those pink roses. There are some sentimental pairs  like the opal ones my daughter gave me...and the pink birthstone ones that my neighbor Evelyn C. gave me, and the ones that my sis in law Loretta gave me... and the ones I bought in Santa Cruz... the ones my first boyfriend gave me... The question is, why do I have so many pairs of pearls... and why are there two odd ones on there?  I Might Find The Other. Really? HA.

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Jill Shepherd said...

That's a great jewellery holder Lindy. I've thought about doing this too with the same idea that maybe I'll actually wear all of my earrings if they are out for me to see! I know what you mean about what to do with all the things you craft too. This year I'm enjoying creating all sorts of things for my daughter's school carnival. It feels nice to have a purpose and reason to be making things!

Lindy said...

Thanks for your comment!! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading, LOL...I write mostly for me. Most of what I've made lately has been for specific people, and some I donate. My son's church has a Christmas carnival, good idea! Yes it is good to have a purpose other than myself!

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