Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good ol' Dirt

Today I planted a tomato plant, and transplanted a Jade plant and a Christmas cactus. It felt so good it makes me wonder why I put it off for so long. Something about digging in the aromatic soil just relaxes me and makes me feel so at home.

I always feel like I need to grow something. If I can't, it depresses me. This year I was going to not have a garden at all but I couldn't stand it. It's a cherry tomato bred for containers. Can't wait for that first warm and straight from the garden tomato. I have two blueberry plants, but the birds are getting all the blueberries so far. My third plant died, so I need to get another so there will be better pollination.

I miss gardening very much. I miss going out there and picking snow peas and lettuce, chard... one year I even grew potatoes! The last few years have been so incredibly full of caring for everyone that I just didn't feel like I could grow anything. I hope someday to be somewhere I can grow broccoli and spinach and maybe even potatoes again...

So this year there's only the tomatoes. So if for some reason I can't be here all I will lose is the tomatoes. Maybe next year. Sigh.
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