Tuesday, May 19, 2015

hats and gloves

Over the years I have made many many hats. And one pair of gloves. And one pair of socks (and two half-pairs!). One of the techniques for letting things go is to take their picture, LOL, and then it is supposed to be easier to let go of whatever you aren't using. So here goes.

First, the gloves. They were one of the first knitting projects I ever did. I couldn't begin to tell you where the pattern was, but it gave much practice in casting off and then casting on. It was fun. The gloves fit well. I am not getting rid of them, but I wanted to include them anyway.

This hat was the first ribbed crochet hat I did. It too is going back in my drawer. So much for making it easier to let things go. I wear it though. This last winter was so mild I don't think I wore a hat at all.

This yarn caught my eye but when I knitted it into a scarf, It was ugly. I ripped it out, then made a knit-in-the-round hat. I liked it.

This one was a pattern on a yarn band. It looked interesting. It is! I think I will probably do another one.

These last two I will donate. I have several scarves as well. It's summer now... so I'll put them aside until winter and maybe I'll have a few more to add to it. And maybe a blanket or two! If I find that glove pattern, may try it. And there are those two socks that need their mates!

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