Sunday, August 21, 2016

I can't believe I bought a BRATZ. I don't LIKE them LOL

Here I go again. I found a Bratz doll for $5 on a clearance table. I've been really curious about repainting doll faces, so thought I'd give it a go. I haven't been feeling well the last few days, and

after I got up following yet another nap, I thought I'd try it.

Do I have an odd hubby, or was this doll designed by a man? He LIKES Bratz. I find the whole thing rather icky shall we say, their ultra-skinny mostly makeup huge feet selves? But since I know NOTHING about painting eyes I thought I could at the very least take off all that hideous (to me) eye make up. He thinks they look REALLY CUTE... and why did he marry me, I asked? He didn't have an answer, LOL. I'm a Plain Jane who has NO desire to wear makeup AT ALL and I own what, four pairs of shoes, three of them sandals? (my feet LOVE California) A girly girl?? No. I guess "they" call us LOW MAINTENANCE. A kind way of saying we don't like to wear makeup masks. That's what it feels like, wearing a mask, and as much as I try to explain it to hubby, and as much as he says it "enhances" beauty... (why did he marry me, he never said. Sounded like a good idea... Girly Girls are expensive. Been there done that, I guess. I'm #3, but he's been with me longest. I digress)

So I thought I'd try to JUST remove her makeup and not her eyes at this point. If I get braver I'll redo even the eyes, but for now she looks much better, in my opinion. I should know better than to ask my hubby's opinion. He just laughed and said, "Do what you want".

I think I will give her some eyelashes and maybe a touch of lipstick. And let her be more real.

Now she looks a bit pensive. Like she wonders what it will be like without all that makeup. She's pretty.

I read some stuff about Bratz dolls, and their designers. I admire a company that sticks to its guns and actually took on Mattel. And I really agree, if you don't like Bratz, don't buy them. From MY point of view, LOL, I've rescued her from something. A life having to be so caught up in "fashion" and being perfect. I also had a further discussion with hubby, and he said that I was putting a bit of a spin on what he said. I MIGHT do that, LOL...Cartoony isn't bad. Maybe I can think of the feet as cute.

Well. I'm kind of hoping to find another Bratz at the thrift store. The only thing is, I've heard they don't usually have feet.

So then there will be something else to try!! 

I used acetone and some of those really pointy cotton swabs I got when one of my kids got married and I thought I should wear makeup... A LOT of them. I need to look at her with a magnifying glass and clean her up a bit more. So far so good though.

Funny what "makeup" and "glamour" and "fashion" bring up for me. In school I always felt like an odd duck. My mom was the Glamour one. She would sigh and say, well you have to do the best with what you have.... and that we'd get some new clothes "when you lose that weight"... so I guess I can see that maybe my opinions are a bit.... well... colored with the hurt of my experiences. Maybe if I had been "good" at makeup and mask wearing... but then I wouldn't be the ME that I am, and I like me.

Oh. There are two designers. A man and a woman. Pretty cool, actually. Sometimes it does some good to read about the people behind the scenes.

But I still like her better without the makeup.

Sept. 1 note: She went with me to Idaho in hopes of getting a new dress. Betsy got it instead. But JP enjoyed playing with her like a 2 year old plays, by grabbing her by the hair and running around. I doubt if she enjoyed herself, but JP had fun. :)

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