Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Two doll restorations done!!

I got My Friend Jenny in the mail today. Here's the ebay picture since I forgot to take a "before". A little fuzzy since it's a tiny picture. I washed and combed her hair and found out that somebody did indeed cut her hair! Right on the top!! Poor sweetie! You take that chance when you buy a doll that looks like this. Which is why I would rather buy from the thrift store.

I think it will be okay. It sticks up somewhat, but whoever gets her will love her anyway. I put a clip on the top and that would do, like a little hair bow to match her dress... I washed her dress because it was dirty and the red bled into the white... but I can either use it as a pattern or replace the trim or both. In the after picture she's wearing her sister's extra dress. She has no shoes or socks yet I hope they are on the way. Her face is a bit darker than Mandy's. I think she's going to M. and I might have to get another for me. M's not ready to play with her yet so she'll get a wardrobe first. I'm doing G's Holly Hobbie too and L's Imogene, but there's really nothing wrong with them other than to re-glue Holly's bonnet and wash them gently so I won't document that.

Rainbow Brite is done too. I washed, finger combed and re-styled her yarn hair, Trimmed off some particularly ratty ends. Her bangs are uneven, but I'll leave that to Liv since she's the hair stylist. You can hardly see the ink spot but she just looks brighter and newer somehow.

So although I didn't accomplish much today other than clean the kitchen and pamper these two beauties, I had a satisfying day.  I'm excited that my grandkids will have some dolls to play with, even though 13 of them are boys, they can play with them too. There's another doll I should be sewing for right now but can't find the fabric for the gi. Another day.

After I restore them they are hard to give away. LOL but I know they will be loved by another generation, then probably need restoring again. So I might see them again!!

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