Thursday, August 4, 2016

Very First Doll Shoe

well, other than the ones I made out of duct tape.

I've been wanting to do doll shoes for awhile. I always want to try everything, LOL!! But I found a black leather skirt at the thrift store that I thought just might be good for such things.

So I made a shoe. I followed a tutorial, but not super pleased with it, but I should have started with an AG instead of Mandy. But poor Mandy has no shoes. And I don't want to pay $11.99 plus $9.50 for shipping. So I am just going to keep trying. :) I think I should start with something simpler however. But I might love it after I embellish it with a little embroidery. Of course I have to make another shoe. And she needs socks, I should have measured with socks. But I learned anyway. I think I will wait until she has socks and make a whole other pair. She shouldn't wear them without socks because of the dye in them, they might stain her feet. so... experience.
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