Saturday, August 13, 2016


I had a doll in childhood I called "Kathy". She was a rubber doll, and she's still in a suitcase I haven't
been able to locate, haven't really tried, but she's probably in The Middle Bedroom {{shudder}}...

Anyway, I wanted to find out how old she was, and what she is called, and I found her. She's called Tod-L-Dee. I guess I didn't like the name Dee, I don't remember how she ended up Kathy. I don't even remember when I didn't have her.

So I found out that she had a twin, called Tod-L-Tim. Of course I had to have him, so I found him on ebay. Then of course he had to have some clothes. I drafted a shorts pattern for him, and I had a T shirt pattern that I thought would be about right.

The pants are made from some pants that were hanging around here, not sure where they came from but they were in The Rag Bag. Hubby puts a lot of inappropriate (in my opinion anyway, LOL) stuff in that rag bag. I took them out of there and put them in the Out Pile since they were still in reasonably good condition. They were pretty small so don't know whose they would have been... oh well stuff like that happens around here, we find stuff from years and years ago that no one is using, and we wonder why we don't have storage space. So I grabbed them and turned them into Tim's pants, with plenty left over for some other doll to have some pants too.

The T shirt was one of mine that I've loved for ages but has a few holes in it. It's probably 18 years old at least, but Timmy isn't going to mind. I don't really like the neckline, but this is the first T shirt I've made that is this tiny. I made dozens when my kids were growing up. There's plenty of fabric left for experimenting, and for now, Tim has clothes. And I'll make a dress for Kathy (Dee) when she surfaces, so they will be Matching Twins although Kathy is much darker. They won't care and neither will I.
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