Sunday, February 20, 2011


I keep hoping to create every day... lately haven't. BUT have been working on my space, so more creating can take place. Do cheater cookies count, LOL??

I was at a thrift store the other day, and a few things caught my eye. I love old clothes for making doll clothes, and I also used to make purses to sell, and ran across an interesting technique, made from old jeans. Found some really interesting jeans... as well as a couple blouses for making doll dresses. So my challenge to me is to get with it... I am going to take my sewing machine over to my mother in law's so I can sew while caring for her... I think that will really help, because over there we end up just chatting and I feel like I am not really doing much for her either, but someone needs to be there... so we will see on Tuesday... as long as my mom and dad stay out of the hospital. That's where I was last week. :)
So here's the pile... and hope in a couple weeks to have some finished projects to show off. I don't know if you can see the shiny sparkly stuff, and the jeans are embroidered with butterflies and beads... and yes there's a silk necktie there, and a strange pair of socks. Hmmm.... what to do.... I am full of ideas, we will see what really happens....

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sassyb07 said...

am looking forward to seeing what you create Linda!
hugs, Valerie

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