Monday, February 21, 2011


while my dad was in the hospital, I took some knitting during the inevitable waiting and sleepless times. It is the beginnings of a sweater. Some of these projects I start have little hope of getting finished because I am doing them when I am forced to just sit, and I don't do that often! Now it isn't great knitting, it's uneven and there are boo boos. Oh well, I'm NOT ripping it out. Why, you ask, would I just leave boo boos and be satisfied with uneven knitting? Well....

The picture on the right shows the scale of this knitting...

I had never done this on such a small scale... they are size 0 needles and crochet thread! If I ever finish this I will post the picture. So far I have done the front and back and only have the sleeves left to do.

My mom has been busy too. I bought a copy of Lorna Miser's book, Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting and my mom immediately made a hat and started on this afghan with her scraps. Of
course, Mom's scraps are not the same as Lorna's yarn choices but I think it turned out kind of cute. She makes hats and small blankets for lap robes and donates them to a charity where she lives. I think it is pretty cool.

So today I am going to try to carve out an hour or so and finish that teensy sweater. If I write it here then I have to, don't I? It is after all President's Day and my dear hubby is home and can spend time with his mother instead of me... now will he?

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sassyb07 said...

hi Linda,
I don't know too much about knitting so I probably wouldn't even know about the 'boo boo', LOL
Hope your dad recovers and comes home soon.
take care
hugs, Valerie

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