Monday, February 21, 2011


Even though today was a very hectic day, I managed to finish my little sweater while my hubby was watching Die Hard; I have less than no interest in those kind of movies, so it is nice to be able to work on something and still sit next to him ignoring the movie he is watching. Not bad for a first try knitting with itty bitty needles. Since I didn't have the doll with me when I started, I didn't know that it would be so short on her! Should have checked my gauge more thoroughly, I did a 1 inch square and it SEEMED okay... but... So I decided to make it short sleeved as well so it is more of a top than a sweater. Next time I'll take the doll... and make it longer with long sleeves.

If I do this again. I have LOTS of other projects to finish. Tomorrow, TWO CARDS.... I am behind due to the hospital adventures, and need to get them out to Gueck and Chris. I didn't sign up for any other swaps because I just must catch up on other things.

So one project FINISHED. Hooray!! The pattern for the sweater, although MY sweater doesn't look a lot like the pattern because I changed things a bit (as I usually end up doing!!) The sweater wasn't on a doll so I didn't think about how short it might be. I shortened the sleeves because I think a good sweater should actually cover you to be warm :)

and she has an etsy shop, and that green cabled turtleneck is sure tempting me...

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sassyb07 said...

your sweater turned out great Linda!
hugs, Valerie

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