Sunday, August 24, 2014


Having fun with filters on my phone, due to my daughter and HER experimenting. This one is my favorite.
doesn't it look like some kind of alien place? It's just my front fern bed. The driftwood really looks cool.
This has been a quiet Sunday. Started very early with an earthquake, not strong here, but it got my wind chimes going in the front hallway and woke me up. I grabbed my computer to see what I could find out and got the Blue Screen of Death.... so my day was spent running diagnostics, both on my computer and on the one hubby's son gave us that he was having problems with. I found viruses on his, but who knows what was going on with mine, everything came out perfectly and no more blue screen. Makes me nervous though. Was it a fluke, or is the end near for my poor computer?? So that's when I decided to stop focusing on the computer issues and take some pictures. So there you are.
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