Thursday, August 21, 2014


Creativity is sometimes quite odd. My big plan for tonight was to do a journal page. Didn't exactly work out that way. I went into the bathroom and it splashed. I stepped in a puddle. I then looked at the sink and it was overflowing. Not pouring. Just a trickle. But it had obviously been trickling for a very long time. Turns out dear hubby had let the cat have a trickle from the faucet, and because we are in a Drought, plugged the sink, thinking he would come back in a bit and turn the water off. That didn't exactly work out. So my Creative Genius turned out to be How To Empty a Drawer That Is Full Of Water without dumping it all over the floor. Turns out, you can't quite get it out without dumping some of the water. At least this drawer. You have to pull it all the way out and tip it down, which is exactly what you do to Empty a Drawer That Is Full Of Water while dumping it all over the floor. So out came the Towels Fresh from the dryer. At least it was in the bathroom where there are lots of towels. The rugs had already soaked everything up they could. Pulling out already soaked towels made me giggle, as did the Slightly Damp Toilet Paper. and the ten boxes of soap? There were only three that were wet enough to make a slimy mess. I also found some soap I had forgotten about. Pomegranate. Pomegranate? I don't even remember anything about it. Must have been On Sale somewhere, or someone gave it to me?

Oh well.

At least I got the bathroom cabinets deep cleaned.

So what does this have to do with anything? Not a thing. But I have a Creative Excuse for Not Getting an Art Journal page done. But I wasn't planning on procrastinating, at least on that. LOL.

Tomorrow's another day.
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