Monday, August 11, 2014

Photo Challenge for August

So. What do this pictures have in common? Hmmm. Might have something to do with a challenge.
The first one is pretty silly. Just the address numbers on the wall of a blue house. But the webs caught my eye. I originally thought that the black dot was the spider, but I think it was Arachnid Dinner. So much for the letter A. But it does look blue, and it's on a wall. Maybe I can rationalize that as fitting the challenge!
I really like this second one. The clouds and reflections are just perfect. The angler in the foreground and his red shirt added just the right amount of color. Taken with my PHONE. Crazy. Sometimes I get good stuff that way. Lodi Lake is also the site of many childhood memories. My mom and I would go swimming there almost every day in the summer. I also spent a lot of time there wandering.
This arrow is just on the road at Lodi Lake. I've been thinking a lot about camera angles to make the picture more interesting. It did kind of make it the focal point of the picture....
San Francisco always holds childhood memories, we went there every few years. Pier 39 is of course a more modern commercial thing and we didn't go there. The flag shows how windy it was that day, A lovely cool respite from the valley heat.

The owners of the place my parents live have decided to Upgrade their landscaping. This was a pretty grouping.My thinking always goes to things getting stolen. There's been other stuff taken from the public courtyard. these are pretty pots.Sigh. It isn't my problem of course. I just remember things getting stolen off the porch when I lived in Stockton.

New construction in San Francisco. There's the angle thing again, it makes it interesting. And notice the accidental letter A down in the corner. :)

isn't recognizable. But it's blue.

Another site of childhood memories. And lots of As. I also have spent time in the Art and Artists store. In high school, the A&W was a favorite teen hangout. Seems to me the same people still hang out there.

The beautiful blue sky and clouds reflected in the water at Lodi Lake. The Muscovy (?) adds a bit of movement and color.

This automobile was part of a display at a store in Lodi. Its shiny blue-purple-silver paint caught my attention.

I can imagine myself driving this one. Snazzy yet elegant. I can also imagine the gas mileage but it sure would be fun. 

Another beauty. This one's for sale if you can find it! It's at Street Rods Plus on  Cluff St. in Lodi. 
Back to San Francisco. Cupid's Bow (and Arrow!) at the edge of the Embarcadero.
So now I get to choose three to submit to the challenge. I'll probably take some more pictures before then though.  It's been a hard year. I haven't entered much. But hey it's ok. At least I got some taken this month. ;)

The challenge:

"A" for August -  Let us see something that begins with the letter, "A."  
Reminds Me of Childhood -   Toys, vintage photos, places, faces, etc.
Something Blue -  I think we've done this before, but let's do it again.
On the Wall -  Have fun shooting outside or inside. Just make sure your subject is on a wall.
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Great shots, Lindy. Glad to see you up and shooting - and most importantly, having fun!

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