Saturday, April 18, 2015

A bit of Silly Writing for Today...

I found this box of cards at the thrift store, They are called "You're Making that Up! Story Cards" and they are by Dalmatian Press. I am not sure they are in business any more, I couldn't find anything about these cards. Anyway, you pick some cards and write a story from the prompts.

So I started by picking some cards. You have to choose which plot:
I chose:
the character tells a whopper of a fib

two pictures:

location: in a foggy swamp

choose 4 words from the cards to use in your story. I chose

My Story.  Title: Risky Business

One day when I was out for a walk in a foggy swamp, I ran across a boat just sitting there on the shore. I climbed into the boat and found it was filled with squishy, wiggly worms. I decided that since the worms were there I would go fishing, but it was pretty risky to just go out  in the boat all by myself. But I caught the most beautiful fish I ever saw! It was green and pink with purple fins, and a red tail.

By this time I was sort of lost, everything looked the same and was pretty confusing. It took me awhile to figure out where I was. It sure was stinky out in the swamp. I put a clothespin on my nose. I suddenly realized that I probably smelled pretty badly by now.  I knew that my mom would be really mad at me so I decided not to say exactly where I had been.

"Hi mom!" I yelled when I finally arrived home.
"Hi sweetie! " she said, giving me a hug. "Whew! Where have you been?"
"I went over to George's house," I said, hoping she would believe me. "We were digging in the yard and we found some really disgusting stuff buried in the back yard. Sorry I ended up so dirty."
"Well go take a shower, and leave your clothes in a pile by the back door and I will get them washed."
It seemed like I was safe. I got cleaned up and changed into some clean clothes. I sure was hungry.
The phone rang.
"Hello?" said my mom."Yes, that would be fine! He can come for dinner! Could you believe how smelly these boys got today?" There was silence.
"Really? Hmmm. That's not what Walter said. I think I better ask him some questions!" She glared at me."Maybe George can come over some other time."

uh oh. I don't think I'm getting dinner. I have a feeling I am going to be hitting the pillow early tonight.

The End.

Well that was fun to make my imagination go.

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