Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stuff overload....

Part of my creativeness is squashed because of all the STUFF around me at the moment. Last year my mother in law died and a lot of stuff came in here since neither my hubby nor I could deal with it. Then my dad was sick, so things piled up because I wasn't home. Add two new grandchildren to the mix. (that's TEN and counting!!) Then my dad died. Two more weeks away from home. Then my sis in law fell and had to move out of her house. More here. Umm... didn't I have enough here? LOL {{shaking my head}}

Found a stack of music I haven't played in forever, it's getting old and yellowed. Put it in the garbage can. BUT!! Think about it. Decoupage. Multimedia. Journal page. LOL but what do I DO with it? Where do I PUT it?

Then I wonder why I can't create, it's all screaming at me. Sigh.

So I'm going to go dance for awhile, see if I can find a spot in the file cabinet for that music...
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p.s. I wrote about stuff on my Other Blog. It is a good reminder to read it again.

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