Tuesday, April 14, 2015

motivation and art

Wanting to do some creating other than washcloths. I mean, that's good, but it isn't really expressing anything, it is just distracting myself from the stresses of my life. Today I gathered prompts. There was an idea expressed on Art Journal Junkies facebook group to decorate a deck of cards and then put prompt words on each card. Then when stuck, grab a few cards and get going. Then I found some sentence prompts, here: http://www.blacksburgbelle.com/2010/10/50-art-journal-prompts/

Today I went to help my mom with the display about my father. She has some wonderful things lined up to display. I think my favorite is his Bible-- an old, tattered thing. My dad was not a Bible scholar, but he was a seeker, and lived his faith by loving people and helping them cope with Getting Old and having to Live in a Facility. Along the way, he did stained glass, ceramics, and a LOT of creating with wood, including chicken coops, a barn, fences, tree houses, furniture, and a house. And gardened. And gardened. Fruit, vegetables, and glorious flowers.

Remembering. Joy and sorrow mixed.

So tonight I will clear off the table, wash the dishes, declutter the living room.... and go to bed early. And tomorrow, some art journaling. About my father. His compassion, his loving. His faith, his actions.

Dad, I miss you.

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