Wednesday, April 15, 2015

in memory of Dad

  I think I have my head swirling about. I told myself that today I don't have to DO... just BE. I've been running around so much I kind of feel like I am in a whirlpool. I wanted to make some hot glue stencils but can't find the glue sticks. Found the glue GUN though.

Thinking about my dad. The things he created-- anything wooden. Furniture. Buildings. a house! He and my mother designed it and were their own contractor.  He made the house with cement block. Plenty of wood in it though. He made the most beautiful exposed aggregate sidewalk.  A greenhouse. a couple tree houses. A barn. A chicken coop within the barn. Walls, doors. Shelves.

My uncle Lloyd loved to do stained glass, and my dad did some of that. He painted ceramics. He built a wooden car. Made toys. He taught my children (those who wanted to learn!) the basics of wood working. They helped him build walls, a tree house, a doll house.

It didn't dawn on me until recently that my father was an artist. He made the most amazing garden at the facility where he lived. When he could no longer garden, he made photo albums of activities, pets, people... and of course the garden He inspired other people to get involved too.

Inspiration for my journal page. Picture to follow when it is dry and photographed.

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