Monday, April 20, 2015

Eraser carving again

My first tries at eraser carving were inspired by Traci Bunkers. I like how she takes ordinary things and uses them for stamping. I got her book, Print and Stamp Lab and have used many of her ideas for cards and journal pages.

Lately my creating self has been spinning her wheels. I've done some knitting, made teensy Barbie doll hats, started another washcloth. Today I was reminded about carving erasers, and decided to write down what I've done, since first inspired to do that.

After a visit to the Dollar Tree, I did a tiny bit of carving on some erasers and liked the way they turned out.
just a little bit of carving made a cute stamp. I carved this with the cuticle cutter from a manicure set I got from the Dollar Tree as well as the pack of erasers.

just some variations on the airplane eraser. The kids like to stamp with it.

I started seeing a fish in this so carved it away. 

Good to be practicing on little things that didn't cost a whole lot. I got a bag of these shaped erasers for $1. 

This one is my favorite so far. It was inspired by a stamp but doesn't look like it at all. 
This one has turned out to be the most versatile and well used. The stamp is just the single swirly at the top and the bottom two are examples of what I have used them for. 

I want to get back into Creative Mode; there are some things stopping me at the moment. But one day at a time, right? Meantime, getting all my crafty stuff into one blog instead of scattered is an accomplishment too.

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