Saturday, March 5, 2011

carving again... in more ways than one.

Got my henna stencils today from Traci Bunkers... going to have fun tomorrow with stencils and blopens. Of course they are old and some of the colors are dried out. :(
I am going to start a "commonplace book". I already kind of have one. I have collected sayings for years. So it seems like a good idea to start illustrating them. I've decided upon a 12 x 12 format, and put them in an album, and/or frame the ones I like. A different approach than a journal. I don't want to be just the same, but Traci (among others) inspired me to just do whatever is in my head and heart... and have fun.

The journey has already begun, just a different phase of it. Looking forward to allowing myself to create what I want to. Carving erasers, carving out time to carve. And stencil. And whatever other art I want to do.

And of course there are the UFO's to finish too...... :)

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