Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eraser Carving

 Why carve erasers if I don't use them for something? This print looks like wandering to me... and I love this quote. So much of our time is spent working to provide for the present and for the future. I spend time wondering what I am supposed to be doing, now that I am done raising children... that was my life, home schooling, nurturing, trying my best to provide for them and love them. Now they are all out on their own. So after 30 years or so of parenting, now what, Lord?

Part of the journey seems to be letting myself create... so here is a card, my stamp, Oprah's quote, and Traci's inspiration...

Thanks, Oprah... Thanks, Traci....

color was blopens. The only ones not dried out are orange, green, and yellow. So that's where I had to start, LOL...


sassyb07 said...

beautiful card Linda!
it's hard to be an empty nester, that's what we're made for.
do you have grandchildren yet? I've found that's really helped me, my darling em
hugs, Valerie

Lindy said...

SIX of them!! All boys. Yes it does help. Thanks for the comment!

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