Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mehndi stencils...

Mehndi stencils are made for henna stenciling on hands... but they can be used as stencils for whatever you want. It doesn't look like much here, the same not-dried-out colors of blopens... have to find that gift certificate so I can get some more colors.

I wanted to learn more about Mehndi, so googled it and found several articles about it. It is used in India mainly as decoration for brides. Read about it on Wikipedia.

This is just a page in my sketch book, which was rather kidnapped, and now includes a page on zentangle, hand carved rubber stamps, and Mehndi. From time to time I have ordered something or other and then forgot what it was I had planned for it. I won't forget this stuff now. I left space for new rubber stamps I make, and will continue that adventure, which seems to be tangled up in the zentangle, because I can see possibilities there for stamps.

And this page is sort of like a journal page, so it's beginning to come together, at least in my mind.

Also....... (drum roll) I got Traci's book in the mail today!! I ordered it from Amazon.com. Lots of great ideas! She has another book coming out May 1st and as soon as I get my next check, I will order it.

There is so much I would like to do I get rather frustrated that I cannot do them all. LOL!!! I keep adding things to The List.

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