Saturday, March 19, 2011


My heart was indeed troubled this morning. As the caregiver for my mother in law, it is increasingly obvious that we are going to have to have more help. I came home troubled by that. Then my hubby had the news on about Libya. Then of course the reminders about Japan. And a friend of mine recently headed to Chile for relief efforts there.

All of it gets me "all bunched up" as my dad says. So I started this page stamping WARS.. then that scripture verse about "wars and rumors of wars" came to mind. So I doodled about what is the most bothersome... earthquakes, war... famine, pestilence... as it talks about in Matthew... and I found this article. A good reminder that it is not a warning about the end of the world, but these things will be around us, and in spite of them, God asks something of us... "See that you are not troubled" (Matthew 24).
So how crazy is that??? I say... in the middle of all this, don't get all bunched up.... my dad's right. Guess I better get better at this. I'm certainly getting lots of practice lately.

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