Sunday, March 20, 2011

NOT the wrong color

Started slapping on golden yellow paint on a page, had no idea what I was going to do. Then the green jumped out and demanded equal time. The slapping turned into mountains. Then brown pleaded to be included. When it was all dry it just looked sad. Oh my, I said, this is a strange landscape. At first I thought it was Pluto or something but then it started snowing. It occurred to me that I am the creator of this ummm... painting. So I can do what I want. It can be anywhere... maybe it isn't snow?
And it doesn't seem to matter how it turns out. The process is calming and lovely. So do i like it?? wellllll... yes. It was what my fingers did today.

Now to find my sewing machine cord.... and do something a bit more... traditional?


Karen said...

The only sad thing is they removed the status of planet from pluto. I was watching a you tube video she was using color prisma markers and some fool commented that her drawing wasnt proportional. I am thinking what right does this fool have to say this pretty durn picture was not proportional. Maybe that is how the artist wanted it to be. Its the artist work not theirs... so they should bug off LOL

Lindy said...

well it's funny but I really liked this. Most people would not, LOL... but I liked the way the mountains turned out. Kind of like Bob Ross style. I always loved how he would just *poof* there was a happy little tree. And the mountains would just flow there.

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