Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zentangle Peacock...

Karen is learning how to do digi-stamps... and here is her first one. It seemed to me that it was a perfect zentangle thread so here's what i did with it. I don't like part of it, but oh well. Practice, just like anything else.

I joined the Art Community for Women at
There is a lot to learn from other people. What to do? Maybe take a class from Darlene. Or at the art center here, or a ceramics class from Arlene... or voice lessons from Monica. There are a lot of talented people in my life. One would think that I would take advantage of that. Truthfully, I haven't taken any art classes since college!! Not even quilting classes, although I've taught them... and I even taught craft classes for children... funny that I never thought about not taking classes. I've just taught myself. Watched tutorials, copied ideas from others... there are some things I'd really like to try.

So where should I start...


Karen said...

I think it is pretty awesome!

Lindy said...

I like most of it, but would do some different. Like they say though, there are no zentangle failures... :)

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