Monday, March 7, 2011

Great-Grandma's windblown tulips

(Note: This post was from my "Quilter's Friend" blog from 2008, which I am currently updating. I decided to delete this post from that blog but wanted to remember this... Quilter's Friend is a shop where I used to work; I still maintain their website and blog)
Well, I had a call (to the shop) from far away quite awhile ago when I first posted a picture of my great-grandma's quilt. The original caller said it was the quilt from "When Harry Met Sally"...I found out it was called "Windblown Tulips" and was designed by Marie Webster. To see a big picture of the quilt, go here:

There's also a little article about the quilt design and designer on

It seems that this pattern was first published in 1911 in the Ladies' Home Journal. I wonder how many women made this? Marie Webster was the first to make a "cottage industry" out of quilting. What was she like? The historical aspect of quilters and quilting is fascinating to me.

Thanks to that long ago caller for helping me find a bit more history about my treasured quilt.

you can buy the windblown tulips pattern here:

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