Friday, June 19, 2015

Grandma's Treasures (and more rambling!)

Learn How Book from 1941
from The Spool Cotton Company
Going through hubby's mom's stuff. We sold her house a few years ago, and he couldn't bear to go through the stuff until recently. I had seen this years ago, but it was packed in a box and I forgot all about it. I have a small later edition, but this one's from 1941. Not sure what I will do with it, but it's interesting to see what was fashionable to knit, crochet, tat, and embroider back in the 1940's. I tried to learn to tat a long time ago but wasn't particularly successful, but maybe I will try again someday. This doesn't take up too much room.

"This doesn't take up too much room." Now where have I heard that before? Nothing takes up too much room, does it? But each little thing all put together sure is overwhelming.

I got all my beading supplies together. There's a few more things I know I haven't seen for awhile so there's a few more things to come together. My daughter gave me an old CD bookcase sort of thing, and I had a few storage containers that fit there quite nicely. Now there's a few  floss containers,  with the floss I got from Loretta, combined with what I already had. Jewelry findings, beading cord, and beads round out the collection. There's two quart jars full of old and new buttons. The top shelf will hold my CD collection and a few books. On the top are my two clear sewing kits, one regular and one for doll clothes (it has teensy snaps and buttons as well as Velcro I have cut into teensy strips) I am quite pleased with the results. Now when I want to do some embroidery or bead work it is right there and handy and I don't have to spend half an hour looking for everything before I start. I ran across some hand made sculpey beads that I forgot I even made! The beads are a ragtag collection from old jewelry finds at thrift stores, as well as some seed beads, and even a few pony beads. My kids and craft students loved stringing them. I've also bought a few unique ones.
my "new" shelves

I am a collector. Mostly what I collect is small, fortunately! Some I have tried to collect, others just found me, like the old buttons. They are Mom's, and Grandma's, and Loretta's, and mine. As well as a few bags of buttons I have gotten... you guessed it, at thrift stores, or taken off of old clothes.

My attention span is not too long. I love trying new things. The best times were when I could pass on what I learned to my students. Maybe what I should do is figure out how I could teach again, maybe even volunteering somewhere. Other than that, I am just going to celebrate what I am, with a little emphasis on Finishing What You Start. So far I am not finding any other Un Finished Projects, but (sigh) I haven't gotten to the quilting ones yet... I know there's a Joel quilt unfinished and a James one Purchased But Not Started. And a purse all cut out, well, two of them. and a few baby blankets that are Mostly Done. A couple not yet cut out, and a couple with fabric purchased but not cut out. I started a wall hanging for a friend when I was living with Grandma, but when I moved it disappeared. {{ note from 6/27 FOUND IT!!!}}I bought a pattern for one for my brother, but I haven't even started it.


No wonder I can't figure out what My Focus for this blog is. What is my Focus for Life, LOL?
Things really ARE coming together; it just seems so slow.
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