Monday, June 1, 2015


 I've been working on this afghan for the past TWO YEARS. Maybe longer. I tucked it away when I got tired of it. I found several skeins of the variegated stuff at the thrift store for a couple dollars... and it was with skeins of green that didn't exactly match. My first thought was to make it half and half but as I went along I decided to get some blue too and stripe the second half. I got green to match and blue to match... so I actually spent six more dollars... less than ten anyway for this 48 inch square afghan. Bigger than I have ever made. Knitted anyway. I might have crocheted a bigger one.

This other afghan is one that I made for my first mother in law MANY years ago. Before I had kids. Like about 40 or so years ago!! Recently my sister in law gave it back to me. It made me smile, my version of a pastel rainbow. I had forgotten about that stitch, it's pretty.

Anyway. Only two socks away for ALL FINISHED UFOs. Two socks, you may say. That sounds like a whole pair. Actually it's 2 half pairs. Now why did I start the second pair before finishing the first?

I have no idea.
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ohhhh this yarn is calling me. I may have to make an infinity scarf with it. ;) It's by Red Heart and it's called "unforgettable" And it is.

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