Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My interest in Pinterest

I get lost in Pinterest. I resisted for about forever, but then I just jumped and decided to look at what it was about. Several hours later....... anyway I've been pinning afghans today, I have been thinking about a solid white afghan for a blanket for my bed. Not many that I pinned are actually white. LOL but there are sure a lot of wonderful ideas out there. It got me started thinking about just how many afghans I have made... not tons but more than I thought. I think my favorites were the ones with Q hook and 3 strands of yarn. I used up a lot of scrappy stash that way. Actually that would make a lovely white blanket. Especially now that I know how to do the magic knot

It was funny though because suddenly I realized I was looking at a recipe for Rainbow Slime..  I wonder how I got there....
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