Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am always attracted to new stuff. I've been eyeing die cut machines, but haven't wanted to spend the $$ for something you might not use a lot. But I was out one day and saw a Cuttlekids machine for less than $20. I took a deep breath and grabbed it. Of course then I had to add a few dies... and I have been having fun! In my opinion, the 2-step ones like the turtle on the right are a bit difficult for kids. I had trouble with the tiny pieces. The more I do it the easier it gets however. There is a way to use the regular Cuttlebug dies, so I might have to get a few more... where does it end, LOL!!
The stamped "happy birthday" is from a See Dee's stamp. I got their starter collection a couple years ago and love it. Just the right touch. Better than my printing. :)
I also just had to get the fairy alphabet and have already made cards with it. Now I can't tell my daughter in law about this blog until after her birthday, LOL

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