Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real Paper Piecing with Paper

My new skill in quilting is paper piecing. Now I've been piecing with paper instead of fabric... this is from a fabric ad that had samples of fabrics in a line. Since I live in Lodi, a place that is famous for its wine grapes, I thought it a great topic. I've been doing pretty simple cards lately.

Lodi is one of those not-exactly-a-big-city places. We live kind of on the edge of the city; not too far to take a country drive. It is surrounded by grapes. All the way across the city is only a few miles.

I spent my growing up years here. I moved to the next town over to attend community college, then up to the foothills. By the time I left there, that area was famous for.... wine grapes! So I moved from one vineyard to another!

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