Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recycle, recycle!

The thought of recycling something brings me great satisfaction. The very idea was thought up by a packrat. What, throw that away? But maybe someone somewhere could USE that!

One can find treasures at thrift shops. The last few years I have been far more selective, especially after the Rule that One Must Let Something Go when One Brings in Something.


A pieced pillow sham caught my eye, and after all it was only a quarter. It jumped into my hand and wouldn't let go. SO.... since I need practice with free motion quilting, I decided that would be perfect. It wasn't quilted, just sort of tacked together. Take out a bit of stitching, put on a new backing, quilt it, voila, a new wall hanging...

As it turned out, it also became a lesson on Flatness. I ended up ripping out almost all of it and sewing it together again. I would do one section, then another would pop up. I was getting a bit tired of it by the end, so "quickly" quilted it.


Presser foot was not down, and on the back, which I had not been actively been thinking about, was all loopy. Sigh. Rip. I thought maybe I would wear out the fabric.

After I had quilted it for the second time, I realized that the yellow stripe thingies on the side were rather crooked. VERY crooked. NOT ripping out quilting again... So I sewed on a new yellow stripe, over the old one... I guess I could call it "applique" LOL.

Sewed on another border, on top of the last one. Did the binding. Of course if I was not saying all this no one would really know how much trouble it was. Or how much I "cheated"!

All in all, it was an excellent learning project. And now it is DONE, and hanging on my wall.

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lilacanglia said...

you certainly do some wonderful things, i love this,

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