Saturday, August 9, 2008

tiny steps

Here's a teensy scottie dog that I made from a pattern I got from allsorts. I certainly have enjoyed that site! I spent half of a day exploring it. There are several things I am going to try from there.

I used to love doing tiny things. I hand sewed I don't know how many Winnie-the-Poohs and Piglets. I always Used my Time Wisely back then; even though I had quite a few children hanging on me. Now, I have just myself and dear Husband to take care of, and I do less crafting than ever! That is going to change!

The other day I got a precious porcelain doll baby from our Craft Revival. She was made by G C at The Doll Gallery in Lockeford, California. I finished putting her together the same day she was purchased. I see on the back of her head her name is "Breanna" but I think her name is Emily. She's still unclothed but she's high on the project list. Little Sarah Scottie will keep her company meantime. There are some sweet calicos in my stash that are itching to me made into a little blanket and dress and bonnet for her.

My daughter's doll house is in the other room filled with fabrics. Now that I have my big wardrobe back, I think it will sit on top of it and maybe even get some remodeling.

I think I'm back. It's been a long and hard journey, but I think I'm back.

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